Vinay Anand Sings Ganapati Song

Vinay Anand Sings Ganapati Song

“Ganpati Bappa Moriya,” started echoing across India on Friday as Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations commenced on September 13. The 10-day long festival is celebrated each year with grandeur and enthusiasm and has been More »

Director Navin Batra and Deepu Kumar spotted in Press Conference of Film festival in Mumbai

Director Navin Batra and Deepu Kumar spotted in Press Conference of Film festival in Mumbai

Exclusive News By Fame Media The Dehradun International Film Festival is all set to start from September 21 with a view to provide a platform to connect the rich and great content More »

Star Pandit Jai Prakash Tripathi and Gyan Prakash Tripathi are favourite of Bollywood

Star Pandit Jai Prakash Tripathi and Gyan Prakash Tripathi are favourite of Bollywood

Exclusive News By Fame Media Shri Jai Prakash Tripathi and Shri Gyan Prakash Tripathi, both pujari’s are connected with ‘Shree Radhe Madhav Jyotish Sansathan’, Varanasi. Both are most sought after pujari’s in More »

Bollywood Actress Model NAGMA AKHTAR’s  Birthday Celebrated With Bollywood Celebrities & Friends

Bollywood Actress Model NAGMA AKHTAR’s Birthday Celebrated With Bollywood Celebrities & Friends

Nagma Akhtar’s Birthday was celebrated with  great enthusiasm in Mumbai where many Bollywood celebrities and friends came to give her best wishes for her birthday. Armaan Kohli, Pankaj Berry, Vaquar Sheikh, Arjun More »

Rohit Pathak started shooting his next Movie – BAKRID

Rohit Pathak started shooting his next Movie – BAKRID

Rohit Pathak who got fame through blockbuster movie Theeran, has very busy schedule in Tollywood cinema, he has started shooting of his next Tollywood project “BAKRID” staring VIKRANTH under the Banner of More »

Amar Dubey is all set for Directorial Debut

Amar Dubey is all set for Directorial Debut

Indian films are mostly depending on its actors and directors never get that much praise from Indian audience. We have many best Bollywood debut directors in last 25 years, their debut movie More »

Gaurav Sharma World Champion Power Lifter Visits Lal Baug Ka Raja For Darshan

Gaurav Sharma World Champion Power Lifter Visits Lal Baug Ka Raja For Darshan

लालबाग के राजा के दरबार मे विश्व चैंपियन गौरव शर्मा । पावर लिफ्टिंग में विश्व चैंपियन गौरव शर्मा ने गणेश उत्सव के अवसर पर लालबाग के राजा के दरबार मे जाकर पूजा More »

Pakhi Hegde Auspiciously Welcomes Ganeshji On Ganesh Chaturthi

Pakhi Hegde Auspiciously Welcomes Ganeshji On Ganesh Chaturthi

पाखी हेगड़े ने धूम धाम से किया बाप्पा का आगमन। भोजपुरी फिल्मों की खूबसूरत अदाकारा पाखी हेगड़े ने पहली बार अपने मुम्बई स्तिथ घर पर बाप्पा को विराजमान किया.डेढ़ दिन तक पाखी More »


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MUMBAI FILM ACADEMY Celebrated 15 Years of Success on 21st August 2016.

Mumbai Film Academy is one of the best film institutes in India and is considered among the top ranking institution in world. it has successfully completed 15 years providing training in various aspects of film making right from production to

Maati Baani recreates MJ’s ‘Heal the World’ with global artists using just Internet!

Mumbai, August  2016: India’s very own Indie Music band, Maati Baani,popular for its beautiful blend of cultural compositions, now endeavors to spread peace across the globe. Teaming up with young artists from around the world, Maati Baani is all set to release a refreshed

TANVEER ZAIDI ”ISHQ SAMUNDAR Is A Different Family Social’

Tanver Zaidi is a promising actor with a different kind of an image . He has been busy shooting as a model, TV actor, Film actor, Reality Shows and even Theatre for almost two decades. He wants to be known

“My Father Iqbal” releasing on 7th October all over.

Produced under the banner of Yash Corporation, Produced by Paresh Mehta, Pranav Shah is executive producer, written by Abinash Singh Chib, Sagar Nath Jha & Suzad Iqbal Khan, music by Biswajit Bhattacharjee & Varun Agarwal, cinematography by Ananta Gille, lyrics by Abinash

Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures’ ‘Ventilator’ coming soon!

With the vision to create a platform for great stories, irrespective of their genre and language, Priyanka Chopra and her production house, Purple Pebble Pictures proudly announced their next offering, Ventilator, produced by Madhu Chopra and directed by Rajesh Mapuskar

‘Bhabhiji’ Shilpa Shinde in PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI

TV actress Shilpa Shinde, who shot to fame with Telly soap ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hain’, has a special naughty dance number in Sanjay Chhel’s upcoming cross-cultural family comedy PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI with feel good moments starring Rishi Kapoor, Paresh

Get set go…Ranveer Ching Returns ready to ride into your home!! World Television Premiere on Sony Entertainment Television

Mumbai; 27th August, 2016: Right from its poster, trailer to the action and drama packed ad film, Ranveer Ching Returns has created A NEVER BEFORE success story online. The first of it’s kind content based brand innovation in India, this Rohit Shetty B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R

फिल्म ‘इच्छाधारी ‘ के बाद यश मिश्रा के पास लगी फिल्मो की लाइन

अपने एक्शन और रोमैंटिक अंदाज से दर्शको के बीच अपनी एक खासपहचान बनाने वाले सबके चहिते अभिनेता यश कुमार मिश्रा की हाल ही में फिल्म’इच्छाधारी ‘ प्रदर्शित हुई है जिसमे यश के अभिनय और किरदार की काफीतारीफ़ की गयी .इस फिल्म की सफलता के बाद यश के पास कई और फिल्मो कीलाइन लग गई है और उन्हें कई और फिल्मो के लिए साइन कर  लिया गया है.यश इन दिनों अपनी आनेवाली फिल्म ‘एक रजाई तीन लुगाई ‘ की शूटिंग मेंव्यस्त है ,इस फिल्म का निर्देशन मंजुल ठाकुर कर रहे है ,यह फिल्म कॉमेडी,और फॅमिली ड्रामा फिल्म है जो दर्शको का काफी मनोरंजन करेगी. ‘एक रजाई तीन लुगाई ‘ के साथ यश की और भी कई फिल्मे जल्द आनेवाली है,फिल्म ‘एक्शन राजा’ जिसका निर्देशन संजय श्रीवास्तव करेंगे,फिल्म ‘मोहब्बतजिंदाबाद ‘ जिसका निर्देशन रवि कश्यप करने जा रहे है .साथ ही फिल्म ‘कसमपैदा करने वाले की ‘इस फिल्म का निर्देशन पराग पाटिल करेंगे और फिल्म ;रुद्रा ‘का निर्देशन राकेश भारद्धाज करने जा रहे है .इन फिल्मो में एक और फिल्मशामिल है जिसमे यश मिश्रा नजर आएँगे लेकिन इस फिल्म का टायटल अभीनिश्चित नहीं किया है और यह फिल्म मिथिला टॉकीज के बैनर तले बनायींजाएगी जिसमे यश के साथ पवन सिंह भी नजर आएँगे . दर्शको ने अब तक  यश की कई धमाकेदार फिल्मे देखी है और अब अपनेदर्शको के मनोरंजन के लिए यश और कई बेहतरीन फिल्मे लेकर आ रहे है .दर्शकअपने चहिते यश की कई फिल्मे बेक टू बेक देखेंगे .

प्रियंका पंडित की फिल्म ‘दीवाने ‘ का ट्रेलर रिलीज़

खूबसूरत अभिनेत्री प्रियंका पंडित की आनेवाली फिल्म ‘दीवाने ‘ का ट्रेलर हाल ही में रिलीज़ कियागया जिसे दर्शक बेहद पसंद कर रहे है .इस फिल्म में प्रियंका गांव की एक भोली भाली लड़की कीभूमिका में नजर आ रही है जिसे ट्रेलर में देखा जा सकता है .इस फिल्म में प्रियंका के अपोजिट प्रदीपपांडेय चिंटू नजर आएँगे .प्रियंका और चिंटू की जोड़ी दर्शको को हमेशा पसंद आती है और इस फिल्ममें भी दोनों की केमेस्ट्री दर्शको को काफी लुभाएगी .इस दिलम का लेखन और निर्देशन फ़िरोज़ खान नेकिया है .  प्रियंका की हाल ही में फिल्म ‘इच्छाधारी ‘ मुम्बई में प्रदर्शित की गई जिसे  दर्शको नेकाफी  पसंद किया.प्रियंका इन दिनों फिल्म ‘तोहरे में बसेला प्राण ‘ की शूटिंग कर रही है जिसमेप्रियंका के अपोजिट रितेश पांडेय नजर आएँगे .प्रियंका और रितेश की जोड़ी पहली बार एक साथनजर आएगी .

फिल्म ‘इच्छाधारी ‘ के बाद यश कुमार के पास लगी फिल्मो की लाइन

अपने एक्शन और रोमैंटिक अंदाज से दर्शको के बीच अपनी एक खास पहचान बनाने वाले सबके चहिते अभिनेता यश कुमार  की हाल ही में फिल्म ‘इच्छाधारी ‘ प्रदर्शित हुई है जिसमे यश के अभिनय और किरदार की काफी तारीफ़ की

Producer Alok Shrivasatava

Producer Alok Shrivasatava Is Releasing A New Film ON THE RAMP, The Film Stars Ranbir Shorey with Urvashi Sharma, The filmis produced by Rajiv Bhatia, Nitin Arora, and brilliantly directed by Imraan Khalid. The Film is being released all over


On the occasion of India’s 70TH INDEPENDENCE DAY ~~ ” SURAKSHA HEALTH & EDUCATION WELFARE ASSOCIATION (NGO) ” like every year performed the flag hoisting ceremony in the morning of 15th August at 10 am at the Gate no. 1,

Shatrughan Sinha released music of Hemnt Praddeep’s “MMIRSA”

Veteran Actor Shatrughan Sinha released the music of Hemnt Praddeep’s upcoming romantic thriller “MMIRSA”, on 24th August 2016 at ‘Club Millenium’, along with lead actors Souryansh & Saanvi, where in almost entire team along with actors and some more distinguished guests

“त्रिदेव “का फर्स्ट लुक आउट

भोजपुरी फिल्मो के जानेमाने निर्माता और निर्देशक अरविन्द चौबे की होम प्रोडक्शन प्रियान्सी मूवीज के बैनर तले बनी भोजपुरी फ़िल्म” त्रिदेव “का फर्स्ट लूक हाल में ही जारी किया गया है ।इस फ़िल्म के लेखक मनोज कुशवाहा संगीत ओम झा

MITHILA HYUNDAI Showroom Shines With All New ELANTRA

On the holy-day of Krishna Janmashtmi, well known Mithila Hyundai Showroom, Mira Road, Mumbai,the pride of the region, shines with launching of  new arrival All New ELANTRA – The 6th Generation Car. of Hyundai Motors India Ltd. Mithila Motors Hyundai,


India’s Most Trusted Brand Awards Ceremony 2016 on 16th Oct, Sunday at The Leela Hotel, Mumbai New Jersey, USA, 18th August 2016(Royal Alberts Palace) Mr. Hemant Kaushik, CEO, IBC InfoMedia mentioned to the Media in a press conference that India’s Most

Manasi Scott Launches Her Music Album titled ‘Manasi- The Ideal Woman’

Manasi Scott launched her solo album titled ‘Manasi (The Ideal Woman)’ with a LIVE concert followed by the formal launch. Manasi mesmerized the audience with her power-packed performance and among the audience were many well known faces which included Zaheer

First Time Ever French European Indian Fashion Week on the Eiffel Tower

Paris has been ruling the high seas of fashion for more than centuries. And in the heart of Fashion Capital, we are happy to announce the first time ever in the history of the world a Fashion Week called The

VASHU BHAGNANI TEAMS UP WITH THE BHATTS Picks up Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming ‘Raaz 4’

Mumbai: Vashu Bhagnani’s Pooja Entertainment India Ltd is working on a consistent strategy to collaborate with the best in the industry. Exploring the stronghold of the Bhatts, Pooja Entertainment India Ltd has teamed up on their next release ‘Raaz 4’. A

Courtyard by Marriott Brings Flight Mode Rock Band

Bhopal, 23 August 2016: Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal is going to give a rocking live band treat to the music lovers of the city this Friday from 9 pm onwards at Grand Lotus – The New Ballroom. The Chandigarh based ‘Flight Mode’

बाबुल सुप्रियो के शादी में ब्राईट के योगेश लखानी कई संगीत से जुड़े लोगों और नेताओं से दिल्ली में मिले।

ब्राईट आउटडोर के मालिक योगेश लखानी दिल्ली में गायक नेता बाबुल सुप्रियो के शादी में गए जहाँ वो संगीत से जुड़े सभी लोगों से मिलें।      

३ दिग्गज कलाकार अनूप जलोटा, पंकज उधास एवं तलत अजीज जिनकी दोस्ती अपने आप में एक मीसाल है

३ दिग्गज कलाकार अनूप जलोटा, पंकज उधास एवं तलत अजीज जिनकी दोस्ती अपने आप में एक मीसाल है कयोंकि एक ही क्षेऋ में काम कर रहे उन तीनों की ३७ साल पुरानी दोस्ती आजतक कायम है । इन तीनों को

Review: YEH KAISI HAI AASHIQUI’’ A Melodic Horror

“YEH KAISI HAI AASHIQUI’’ a melodic horror, is a story that centers around a crorepati  Kumar (Rajdeep) who is aged 55 years old. The heroine Sukhbir Lamba (Kamini) is a stunning girl of 20 years and has a heart for


Mumbai :  Sanskar Entertainment Producer, politician and owner of rowdy Bangalore team  karan singh prince along with vinod gupta and amit shah  launched the banner Sanskar entertainment on 16th August at Bora Bora Andheri. Sanskar has also produced under their banner

Priyanka Chopra ‘s Mother Announced next Bhojpuri

Priyanka Chopra’s next bhojpuri film Launched  Second Bhojpuri film of Purple pebble pictures in association of Red Quartz entertainment  launched at Empire studio Andheri with song recording under the supervision of Music director Madhukar Anand . The untitled film is

Om Puri says: Waarrior Savitri, a real action film made after a long time in Bollywood

Mumbai, 19th August 2016: The music album of soon to be released Waarrior Savitri was held in Mumbai in the presence of the entire team. Actress Niharica Raizada looked gorgeous in a pretty pink outfit. Veteran actor Om Puri was present at

Reel life siblings Amita Pathak Sachar & Ayush Khedekar become real life siblings!

Celebrities on the sets often end up becoming close pals and the bond that they share remain intact forever. This time too there’s an unbreakable bond which has been created between actors Amita Pathak Sachar and Ayush Khedekar on the sets of Hindi

Sanjeev Gupta won Award for ‘Best Outdoor Advertising Agency Company in Western India’

Mumbai. Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director of Global Advertiser received the ‘Best Outdoor Advertising Agency Company in Western India’ Award  by Chief Guest   BJP Leader Syed Shah Nawaz Hussain and film & TV actor Ronit Roy .Worldwide Achievers’ hosted ‘Business Leaders Summit Awards 2016’

भोजपुरी की बहुचर्चित फ़िल्म ”प्रेम के दुश्मन” अब प्रदर्शन के लिए तैयार है ।

के जी एन इंटरटेनमेंट के बैनर तले निर्मित इस फ़िल्म के निर्माता हैं मोहम्मद नादिर व मोहम्मद जावेद जबकि निर्देशक हैं ए के मोदक । प्रेम के दुश्मन से भोजपुरी फ़िल्म जगत को एक नयी जोड़ी मिलने जा रहा है

महाभारत” 26 अगस्त को बिहार में रिलीज़ होगा

बिहार में फिर एक नया इतिहास रचने के लिए तैयार, तूफ़ान मचाने  आं रहा है 26 अगस्त को भोजपुरी एक्शन फिल्म “महाभारत”  इस फिल्म को सचिन यादव ने निर्देशित किया है और इस फिल्म में विराज बट्ट ,काजल राघवानी ,रोबिन

“दिल है कि मानता नही “2 सितम्बर से सिनेमाघरो में

बालाजी फिल्म इण्टरटेन्मेंट के बैनर तले बनी भोजपुरी के सबसे चर्चा में आने वाली फिल्म “दिल है कि मानता नही”का प्रदर्शन 2 सितम्बर से सम्पूर्ण बिहार किया जायेगा।इस फिल्म के निर्माता विजय पंडित और निर्देशक अजय कुमार झा है जबकि

HITESH CHAVDA -Martial Art Trainer Turns Actor.

Hitesh Chavda belongs to Surat and is All India Chief Instructor and Technical Director of Shito Ryu , Karate and Sports Academy. He has been in this field from last 22 years. But, His first love was always acting in

रानी दिलवर जानी में अंजना सिंह और शुभि शर्मा पर अरवी गाना

रानी दिलवर जानी में अंजना सिंह और शुभि शर्मा पर अरवी गाना ।।   भोजपुरी फिल्में क्रमागत रूप में तरक्की पर हैं। अब भोजपुरी फिल्में बॉलीवुड नहीं ,सरहद पार अरवी फिल्म उधोग की तरफ भी देख रही हैं। कम स कम

The MOTHER of All Surprises in the Ranveer Ching Returns Saga..

MUMBAI, 16th August, 2016: As Ranveer Ching Returns to a mind blowing 3 million plus views on the trailer, there’s some more hot stuff coming your way from this film.. When we thought we had seen it all in the action packed trailer of


As a multitalented actor Gulshan Grover has appeared in over 400 films. He is among the first actors to have made a successful transition from Bollywood to Hollywood and International Cinema. He is also known with the name “Bad Man”


Starting his career as an assistant in booking of films he got into contact with his friend through whom he got the opportunity to meet many producers, directors and artistes etc etc., After graduating in Arts (B.A.) he went on

Debutant producer Rashmi Sharma believes in making content-driven Bollywood films

Rashmi Sharma, one of the most successful producers in the television industry, is all set to make her debut as a Bollywood producer with ‘Pink’. The film, which she is co-producing with Shoojit Sircar and Ronnie Lahiri, has Amitabh Bachchan in the

Hollywood’s Best Come Under One Roof for Kunal’s Upcoming Period film…

Period films are in rage at the moment in Bollywood. So much so that two of the  biggest blockbusters last year were period films- Baahubali and Bajirao Mastani. To give a similar kind of grand and larger than life experience,

PVR Cinemas Launches Multiplex at Growel’s 101 Mall

Mumbai: PVR, one of the largest and most premium film exhibition company in India launches a 4 screen multiplex at Growel’s 101 Mall, Kandivali East, Mumbai. This launch will provide the mall patrons with a PVR standard cinema experience of real

Music of Film “TODAY’S LAST NIGHT” released by Rajpal Yadav.

Music of actor, producer Manoj Maheshwar’s eighth film “TODAY’S LAST NIGHT” was released by well-known actor Rajpal Yadav on 15th August 2016, at the production office in Goregaon west. Rajpal appreciated the subject of the film and wished good luck to